As SNAP benefits are being threatened in Congress, MAP works to protect SNAP

Maryland Alliance for the Poor has joined member organization Maryland Hunger Solutions (MDHS) in voicing opposition to proposed SNAP cuts in Congress through MDHS’ Paper Apple Campaign.The Farm Bill proposal passed on July 12 by the House Agriculture Committee slashes funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, called Food Supplement Program in Maryland) by $16 billion over ten years. It does this mainly by restricting states’ ability to implement broad-based Categorical Eligibility (Cat EL) and “heat and eat” – two ways to coordinate SNAP with other low-income programs. By cutting Cat El, thousands of Marylanders would lose their SNAP benefits.
To show the widespread support for SNAP, Maryland Hunger Solutions – a member organization of MAP – coordinated daily drop offs of Paper Apples bearing the message, “SNAP Works” to the district offices of Representatives Van Hollen and Hoyer during the week of August 13-17. The campaign has collected hundreds of Paper Apples from people struggling with food insecurity, service providers, faith communities, advocates, and farmers. MAP’s own member organizations collected Paper Apples throughout August, and representatives from MAP dropped the Paper Apples off to Representatives Van Hollen and Hoyer on Wednesday, August 15th on behalf of Maryland Hunger Solution’s Paper Apple Campaign.
To view samples of apples that have been sent to Congress, please visit Maryland Hunger Solution’s SNAP Works Album, click here.
To view a press release about the Paper Apple Campaign, please click here.